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Couple makes friends with Bigfoot

On September 4, 2011, two of us from the website met with “Stan” and “Sue,” a couple in their thirties, who began having contact with Bigfoot in August 2011. To protect the Bigfoot from those who want to shoot or capture them, the couple chose pseudonyms and will not pinpoint the exact locations of their encounters except to say they occurred in or around the Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina. The following is their story in their own words.
STAN: I should first explain that I’ve been interested in Bigfoot since I was a young boy and saw the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin video of a Bigfoot. As an adult, I’ve researched the subject and talked with individuals who’ve had contact with the Bigfoot. I’ve learned that meditating in remote mountain areas can sometimes attract the Bigfoot who are highly psychic and spiritual.
SUE: We’ve been attempting to make contact with Bigfoot or Sasquatch that way for some time but nothing happened until Sunday, August 21, 2011.
STAN: That day we set out on a long hike into mountains about 4 p.m. After four hours of strenuous hiking, we found a spot that felt right for our meditation.
SUE: We were deep into the woods and absolutely nobody was around. As we began meditating, I heard the words in my head “Close your eyes” but it was as clear as if someone had spoken the words out loud. Then all sorts of unusual things began to happen.
STAN: We could hear about five or six pairs of bipedal footsteps around us. We felt immense energy and heard the walking for about an hour while we meditated. Every time I telepathically asked for verification of their presence we would hear a loud sound or an 800-pound bird call – obviously not a bird. We heard muffled voices, too. It was like when you hear people talking way off in the distance but you can’t understand what they’re saying.
SUE: It was so intense but every time I started to peek, I heard the words “Keep your eyes closed.”
STAN: We eventually understood that they were communicating telepathically and wanted us to keep our eyes shut because they were afraid they might spook us if we saw them.
SUE: I felt very scared, but only because there are a lot of bears in the area we were in. I telepathically communicated that I was sorry for my fear, but explained that I was afraid there might be bears around. I then telepathically heard “I am not a bear” in a humorous tone. I repeatedly asked if it was them and I got the answer “Yes” every single time.
STAN: We were not at all scared of the Bigfoot because we have done extensive research on them and know that they are by nature gentle creatures if approached in the correct manner. Though our previous attempts to contact them weren’t successful, we felt we were successful this time because we hiked far into the woods and were in a very clear frame of mind.
SUE: Our experience with the Bigfoot didn’t end with our meditation. When I started to walk a little further, I heard “Don’t go any further.”
STAN: We also got lost when we tried to go back down the mountain, so I said out loud, “We’re lost. Can you help us?”
SUE: I was really scared, but then we heard an owl sound. It was leading us.
STAN: The following week on August 28, 2011 we hiked up to a mountain ridge. This time we only hiked about a mile into the woods and we meditated earlier – around 5 or 6 o’clock. We felt that only one Bigfoot was present.
SUE: We didn’t get much communication that time, only a strong feeling that one of them was watching us.
STAN: Since then, we have had three encounters near our house which has lots of woods behind it. One time they left us two large hawk feathers at the exact spot where we meditate.
SUE: During one meditation near the house, I asked, “How can such a tiny cricket make such a loud sound?” The Bigfoot response was “Because he does not doubt himself.” I felt it was a message for me to not doubt my telepathic ability.
STAN: There are too many people who just want to capture or even kill a Bigfoot – like they’re the ultimate hunter’s trophy. Such hunters attempt to lure them closer by knocking on trees with large sticks, which is one way the Bigfoot communicate, or by blasting recorded Sasquatch sounds into the woods. Yes, the hunters might get a response but it’s going to be an aggressive response to frighten the hunters away.
I would respond the same way if somebody pulled into my driveway, set out a loudspeaker and played a tape of a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. That would make me mad and I’d run the person off my property. So I totally understand why the Bigfoot charge, growl, throw large rocks and give off a defensive odor, like a skunk does, when threatened. Even under attack, though, the Bigfoot do not physically hurt people. They are gentle and prefer to live in harmony with all of nature.

Woman sees Bigfoot family of four

Photos of the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas where many Bigfoot have been seen
“There is more to Heaven and Earth than meets the eye, Horatio.”
This quotation was taken to heart when I was young.  Perhaps because of it, tales of Little People, fairies, leprechauns, gnomes, ghostly encounters and Bigfoot always seemed entirely within the realm of possibilities.
That realm became more real when my husband and I visited our daughter after she moved to a rural farm near the Ouachita Mountains in the beautiful state of Arkansas.  Upon arrival, our first indication that we were in Arkansas Bigfoot Territory came while shopping at a one-stop convenience store where locals gathered for conversation, coffee and refreshments. 
Bigfoot association cards were posted on the store’s bulletin board and we quickly learned that Bigfoot encounters and sightings often were discussed there.   It was clear from what we overheard that the locals were keenly interested in the subject.  There didn’t seem to be a doubter among them.   We were told many of their sightings occurred around a nearby swimming, camping and recreational lake.
When we mentioned the frequency of these overheard Bigfoot conversations to our daughter, she was not at all surprised.  Then she told us of two Bigfoot encounters experienced by a good friend and neighbor of hers.
Her friend and her husband have a farm by a stream bordering an ascent to the Ouachita Mountains.  Early one evening her friend went outside to attend to her horses.  As she neared the stream, she came face to face with a male Bigfoot.
Entranced, rather than frightened, they gazed intently into one another’s eyes.  The woman said Bigfoot’s eyes seemed startled, somewhat sad and not at all menacing.  She telepathically received the message, “You were not supposed to see me.”  Gently and somewhat sorrowfully, Bigfoot turned away, crossed the stream and disappeared into the woods.
A week later at approximately the same time of day, she went to check on her horses’ grain which had been diminishing faster than normal.  When she looked toward the stream, she saw a Bigfoot family – mama, papa and two very young ones - carrying off some of the grain as well as fruit from her trees.   She noted that her horses weren’t at all spooked by four Bigfoot in their field.
When the family saw her approaching them, they began picking up pebbles and small stones and throwing them around her rather than at her.  They showed no fear or anger; they simply wanted her to stay away.  Telepathically she received the message, “Please do not come closer.”  Then unhurriedly they crossed the stream and blended into the woodlands as early evening darkness descended.
Our daughter’s friend then related her encounters to others who had had similar experiences.  Several mentioned missing fruit and grain from their farms.  They also told of occasional sightings of Bigfoot families in abandoned huts in wooded areas near water.  Occasionally remains of wild boar bones were found near the huts. They reported that the Bigfoot often walk in brooks and lake waters to fish but also to camouflage their tracks.
Everyone seemed to agree that they were seeing Bigfoot more often due to increased logging in and around the cave areas where the Bigfoot probably once dwelt.
Whenever any of the neighbors came across a Bigfoot, it always telepathically entreated, “Please, just let us be.”
After multiple trips to Arkansas Bigfoot Territory, I do firmly believe that these nonthreatening gentle creatures exist and deserve privacy and our respect.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Time Warp at Woodside

The following event took place in November, 2010, in a small country town just east of Adelaide, South Australia, known as Woodside.

A companion and I were traveling through the hills on a random adventurous night drive. We were bored and decided to kill a few hours in a car. Unfortunately, though, she had a much weaker bladder than I, so we pulled up by a local public toilet cubical so she could go about her business.

Whilst having a few minutes to myself, I decided to get out of the car, stretch my legs a bit and do a small bit of exploring, as I rarely travel to Woodside without a purpose.

There was a group of trees just down the road, and being the immature, supernatural/paranormal obsessed young man I am, I started wondering what kind of evil beasties could lurk amongst the small forest. Thoughts quickly filled my mind of stories I'd read and heard about forest dwelling witches and ghosts, and at one stage, the Chupacabras even crossed my mind. I felt a cold chill run down my spine like someone, or something, was watching me.

I decided to venture in to the small forest, and found a small clearing not too far in. My companion was always afraid of my paranormal investigative side, so I'd left her with the keys to the car, so she could get back in when she was finished and I could still have a chance to explore a little bit.

While walking through this clearing, I started to hear the most high-pitched frequency I'd ever heard, and a local farmer along with two of his hunting dogs ran past me, in the direction of it. I tried to get his attention, but he just kept on running, like a man possessed by something.

After this, I freaked out a little bit and turned to run back in the direction I'd come from, to get back to the car where, by now, my companion would have to be waiting for me (I'd been gone for approximately 15 minutes by this time).

Running through the trees and shrubs, it came to my attention that I wasn't entirely sure I was exactly retracing my steps, and I feared I may have wavered from my original path slightly, causing me to come out of the forest about 30 meters away from where I'd originally entered.

I wasn't worried that I didn't come out where I'd entered, as I expected my path to vary slightly, and I could see the car from where I was anyway. Rather, the part that worried me was that standing where I'd entered approximately a quarter of an hour ago, there was another young man, who, to put frankly, was me. He would have been my height, my build. He was wearing the same clothes as me... it couldn't be coincidence. It was me from 15 minutes ago, about to enter the forest.

I'd somehow traveled back 15 minutes and was now watching myself. I waited for the other me to enter the forest before leaving where I was, as I didn't want to somehow disturb time and space by meeting myself, and warning myself that strange things were about to happen. The moment he was out of sight, I made a mad dash back to the car; my companion was still not back.

A couple minutes passed and she came back to the car, slightly bewildered that it seemed I had not gone exploring like I said that I was going to. I explained what I'd been through and she froze, as if understanding the extremity I had put on the situation. According to her (and later confirmed by clocks) I'd been gone for just less than a minute. I don't know whether the farmer and his dogs have any relevance, nor whether the high pitch noise served a purpose, but I'd somehow traveled back in time and almost ran into myself!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mrs Jones Regular Contact with Bigfoot

Date: 1977-1980
Location: Northern Wisconsin

In the summer of 1977, an elderly woman sat quietly reading a book on the porch of her cottage in a densely wooded area in northern Wisconsin. Suddenly, an invisible force sent the book out of her hands onto the porch floor. Bewildered, the woman looked about for the source of this mysterious happening. She heard someone laughing. At the edge of the forest stood the form of a huge apelike creature with dark auburn hair all over its body.

"I have been standing here for some time. I did not mean to frighten you; just wanted to get your attention," the creature politely said, as it pleasantly laughed again.

In three separate interviews, this elderly woman explained to me that for four consecutive summers she had telepathic conversations with a giant man-creature she came to know as Bigfoot-Sasquatch! The woman also spoke of seeing UFOs hovering above the trees, as well as hearing an eerie generator noise in the night!
Mrs. Jones' New Friend
An elderly, gray-haired woman, whom I shall call Mrs. Jones, spent her summers in the northernmost region of Wisconsin in the family cottage. Mr. Jones was not an outdoors person, but he would make the seven-hour drive from Milwaukee each summer, leave his wife at their summer place, and return in five or six weeks. Mrs. Jones enjoyed the quietude of the country and eagerly looked forward to being alone. The cottage was located at the end of an old dirt road at the edge of a wild, forested region. The following story was related to me by Mrs. Jones after much reluctance on her part to discuss the matter. She was fearful of being ridiculed or becoming a public spectacle. She swears her story is absolutely true.
"It all started in 1977 and was something that I did not understand, that was very confusing, something that I have to keep very secret, even from my husband. He's afraid of stuff like that. This has been difficult for me, as I have not been able to share the details with my husband. I hid it from everyone except my best friend.

"As I told you, the first incident occurred while I was reading a book on the front porch of the cottage. Evidently these Bigfoot creatures have the power to levitate objects, as they did with my book, which flew out of my hands. It was scary, very startling at first, but a kind, warm voice spoke to me in my head. You say it is telepathy, but I don't understand these things. I only have a fifth-grade education. But I do know that he talked to me inside of my head and that was a great revelation. He apologized for startling me and laughed frequently. This relaxed me and I came to realize that he meant me no harm. He became my friend.

"He stood at a distance of about 50 feet, so that I could only see his head and down to about his waist. From what I could judge, he was at least ten feet tall, maybe nine. He was huge. I could see that his hair covered his entire body except the face. His head and shoulders were a dark auburn color with the hair becoming a darker shade of brown on the lower part of his body. His face was similar to that of a man, not quite an ape, more like a man. The things he spoke of were inquisitive and very intelligent, so I knew there was no question that he was a man. His lips of course did not move, as he spoke to me in my mind, and he kept reminding me to think at him. I would think within myself and he would start to answer. Then I knew that, with each thought, he knew what I was thinking. And, in such a way then, we began to communicate. It was a whole new experience for me. The creature smiled frequently but I was not sure who or what he was, so it took some time for me to put into perspective that I was actually speaking to a creature that many would call Sasquatch or Bigfoot.

"I know that the average person would not understand this, and I'm sure our government would want to know of these things. But I'm more afraid of them than I am of this man you call Bigfoot. In fact, he was a friend. He told me that he watched me many times over the previous summers and that he enjoyed listening to my thoughts. Thus I came to trust him and know him some, though there were many things that he would not tell me and hid from me.

"At our very first meeting, out on the porch, I had my pet cat in a small cage on the table beside me. The previous summers I had let my cat loose, but there are many wild animals in the area. Last summer I turned her loose and she did not return for several days. It worried me sick. She kept me company during the time I lived there alone. My cat had the run of the house inside, but when she was outside with me I would place her in this small cage. She understood because she purred and seemed content. The cage was used to transport her up from Milwaukee. So there she was in the cage beside me, keeping me company on the porch, when my friend, the Bigfoot man, began to speak about my cat."

BIGFOOT (BF): What is the animal that you have in that cage?

MRS. JONES (MJ): It is my pet cat.

BF: What is a pet?

MJ: It is an animal that keeps people company. It is something to love and take care of.

BF: If you love it, why is it in that cage?

MJ: I fear it will get lost in the forest or that it will be eaten by a fox or some other wild animal - I only want to protect it.

BF: But your pet must be unhappy in that cage.

MJ: No, she is on her back purring, and to me that means she is very content. She is happy because I am here beside her.

BF: Oh, that pleases me. I did not know that. It is good to be happy.

(Mrs. Jones stands up on her porch to get a better view of her new friend. She walks to the side of the porch and stares while she begins speaking again.)

MJ: Will you please step out from behind those pine trees so I can see you better?

BF: No, I won't.

MJ: Won't you step out? I won't hurt you. I merely want a better look at you so I know with whom I am speaking.

BF: No, I will not step out.

MJ: Why not? You can see me. Here I am - short, fat, and wrinkled up - you can see me in plain sight. You can see my whole body. Won't you show yourself too?

(Mrs. Jones hears a hearty laugh inside her head, not verbally.)

BF: That's a good one. (More laughter.) You said that well about yourself. That's a good one. I must go now, but I will be back another time.

MJ: You will be back?

BF: Yes, I am here frequently but you cannot see me. I am around and always will be around, especially if you need me. I have been watching you for many years. I am always around and know what you are doing. I will talk with you another time.
"It came to pass that a neighbor woman from a few miles away stopped to ask if I needed anything, because I had no car. She would stop to check on me periodically. I told her I needed some fresh milk and several other items, plus the local newspaper. Later she returned and brought me the items I had requested. In the newspaper it told of several remote houses and cottages in the area being broken into. I didn't think much of it until a few nights later. I couldn't sleep, so I got up and went out and sat down on the steps outside by the back door. I sat, smoking a cigarette and looking at the stars, when I noticed what looked like the glow of a cigarette behind the woodshed a short distance away. Then I saw the silhouette of a man, and then the silhouette of a second man pulling the first man back behind the woodshed. Now this was late at night, about 2:00 as I recall, and I was very frightened. I quickly got up, ran inside, locked the door, and shut off the lights. I went into the bedroom and lifted up a floorboard where my husband kept a loaded .22 pistol and a small baseball bat for protection. I grabbed these and walked through the darkness to the living room. By that time, the two men were already on the front porch. One was looking in the window and the other was trying to open the door. I was panicky but kept my cool. I went over and got down behind the couch in the corner and crouched there, pistol in one hand, baseball bat in the other. I just didn't know what to do, but I wasn't going to let anyone hurt me. I could hear the men talking and trying desperately to get in the front door.

"All of a sudden there was a scream. 'God, what is that? Let's get out of here!' At this time the two men fled the porch. One moved so quickly that he fell down the porch steps. I stood and walked to the front door. Through the window I could see the two men running across the field toward an old wood road, where perhaps they had hidden their vehicle.

"I unlocked the front door and poked my head out. There was a terrible stench that was a cross somewhere between rotten eggs and a skunk. The smell was overpowering. When I looked to my left, I got a glimpse of a giant figure walking into the forest.

"The next morning I was sitting on the front porch reading the Bible when Bigfoot arrived and began talking to me."

BF: I was here last night. I told you I would be here whenever you needed me. I could feel fear at a distance. I came immediately. Those men were bad. As I said, I am always here, always around. I always know your thoughts. God bless you.

MJ: Thank you, I am grateful. I was very frightened of those men.

"The following year I began hearing strange noises in the forest. Something like a generator sound. It was real strange. It was like a generator winding up and then immediately winding down again, as if it had a broken part in it. I would sit out on the porch and listen to it winding through the night. Then some nights I would see strange lights above the trees, perhaps what other people would call UFOs. It lit up the entire woods. I had seen them go back and forth over the trees and then leave.

"Later I asked a neighbor friend who hiked up to see me (she had a cottage not far from mine) if she had seen the lights over the trees. She gave me a horrified look, saying that she and her husband observed the lights and heard a frightening howl, so he decided to take a flashlight and investigate. His wife waited on the porch. Minutes later he came running back with a look of terror on his face. When I asked her what he saw, she immediately withdrew and refused to discuss it further. She did not come back to visit me for the rest of the summer.

"A few days later I was again sitting on the front porch when my big friend came to visit me. The creature stood in his usual place where I could see only his torso with his usual wide grin."

MJ: Hello, I have not seen you for a while.

BF: Yes, I know.

MJ: Where have you been?

BF: I cannot tell you.

MJ: What were the lights I saw over the trees the other night?

BF: It is none of your business. (He said this in a kindly tone.)

MJ: I won't tell anyone about the lights, but I am real curious. Was it a space ship? And what was the strange howling when it came over? Was that you?

BF: It is none of your business. It is not for you to know.
"We spoke of many things that day, but he would not tell me about the eerie generator noise, nor about the strange lights in the woods.

"We spoke several other times over the summer. He came two days before my husband was to pick me up, and I told him that I would be going back to the city soon."

MJ: I will miss you, dear friend, for I will have to go soon. My husband will be picking me up in a couple of days.

BF: What is a husband?

MJ: He is the man who brought me here. He's the one I'm married to who cares for me.

BF: Oh, you mean your mate. Yes, that man. I know of him.

MJ: I will be back again, perhaps in the spring.

BF: What is spring? I do not know that word.

MJ: Spring is the season right after winter.

BF: I do not understand your words.

MJ: It is the season right after the snow melts.

BF: What is the word snow?

MJ: It is when the ground becomes white all over and is cold.

BF: Yes, I understand. But what is spring?

MJ: Spring is when the water has the ability to flow again. When the water is free to move and the weather gets warm.

BF: Oh, now I understand spring. Now I understand (gives a hearty laugh). That is a good one. I like how you explain that. Yes, that is a good one.
"Later, when my husband picked me up, I told him I must say good-bye to my friend in the forest. I told him I was going to walk down a small trail not far from the lake. My husband understood but he did not want to discuss it. These things frightened him. He couldn't discuss it. He sat quietly in the car reading a newspaper while I walked into the woods to look for Bigfoot. I walked some distance and then sat down under a tree for a short spell. In my mind I began telling him I was leaving now and wanted to say good-bye, hoping that we would talk again next year. He answered me immediately, though I could not see him. He said he had enjoyed talking with me and would indeed see me the following year. I was so happy. There was something beautiful about his words that gave me a warm feeling about this man. There was a true sense of love. I really did not want to go back to Milwaukee, to the city, to all the people.

"I turned to walk back toward the cottage but, after only a few steps, I heard a noise behind me. When I turned around Bigfoot was just 10 or 12 feet from me, walking back into the forest. Now I don't know why, but I didn't see him there all the time I was sitting talking to him. I don't know where he came from. He was just there very suddenly. I don't understand why I didn't see him before then. He just appeared out of nowhere.

"It came to pass that these summers meant a lot to me. I always looked forward to going back to speak with my friend again. In 1980, when I returned, we arrived late at the cottage and it was dark. While getting out of the car, I saw a huge shadowy figure standing in the trees. My husband and I went in the house in order not to disturb the creature. We were busy arranging our groceries and clothing. Suddenly, we heard a heavy thump against the side of the building. I was not frightened because I knew it was my friend letting us know that he was there. However, my husband became quite upset. I told him not to worry, that Bigfoot was a friend, and, as usual, my husband said: 'I don't want to talk about it.' I spoke to Bigfoot only one time that summer and I was very disappointed. In fact, that was the last time we talked. He said they were leaving and would go to a different area now. He said there were too many people, too much activity in the area, and he had to leave, as it was no longer safe for him. My friend promised that, if he was in the area again, he would visit me.

"I have not told others of this experience because I feared people would not believe me. I don't want anyone making fun of me. This was an experience that I'll never forget and in many ways has changed my life."

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Monster Gator..

This monster was over 23ft long..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Strange encounter with a 'little man'

This is one of the weirdest stories I’ve ever heard.
Jim, the guy who had this ‘encounter’, is the older brother of one of my closest childhood buddies. Jim is a cool person, very calm and easy-going. He’s a big outdoorsman….a hunter\fisherman kind of guy.
He’s also not into the ‘paranormal’ at all. It was actually humorous for him to even discuss this story.

When I was 12 years old, Jim was around 18 or 19, and he would sometimes let some of his younger siblings and me ride with him when he drove to the cabin that their family owned. It was about 70 miles away, in some heavy wilderness. The men in their family used the place for hunting and fishing.

There was an area that we called "the clearing", which was an open area in a dense woods. You'd follow a trail for about 3/4 mile from the cabin, and you'd come into this clearing, which was an amazing natural circle of trees. We put some tree stumps inside the clearing to sit on. I remember the sunlight filtering through the trees, which sometimes produced a fantastic effect. The place always had this vibe, like it was a powerful spot. It can be spooky. As a kid, I felt like it was almost overwhelming sometimes.

I was at Jim’s house recently, helping him with his computer. We were talking and I brought up the cabin, and I said “ There’s something about that place that’s eerie…it’s mystical”. I told him how the place literally scared me when I was a kid.

He said that he had something ‘absolutely crazy’ to tell me, that he had never told anyone, not even his wife, because it was just too crazy. He felt like I might be ‘understanding’, because of the way I talked about the place.

This is our conversation, almost verbatim…

Jim said: ‘Remember the spot we called 'the clearing'?
I saw something there in August of 1994. You won't believe me..you'll think I'm crazy... I guess a person could try to explain it away as a complete and total hallucination.
I swear I saw it as sure as you’re sitting there.’

Me: What did you see?

Jim: 'I was out there about 1 or 2 in the afternoon, and I was just walking up the trail with my .22 rifle. I was walking really slowly. I scared up a couple grouse and they flew right up in front of me, almost in my face. It got very windy and looked like it was going to rain or storm. As I approached the clearing, I heard this really spooky bird call sound. It was very mournful, like a dove or pigeon. I have no idea if that sound was related to what I saw. I could not place the sound. When I walked into the clearing, I saw this shadow, this movement to my left, so I looked over, thinking it's going to be an animal, and then I saw this little man!'

Me: What????????

Jim: 'This tiny f'ing little man! He was kneeling down, like he was doing something with the plants... he seemed to be waving his hand over some plants, and I think I startled him...he stood up.
I only saw him for about 4-5 seconds...then he disappeared into the shadows. I saw his head, neck, shoulders, upper body, and long skinny arms. He was very thin.
I doubt that he weighed 10 pounds.
I froze, absolutely motionless, and watched him.

I could actually make out some of the features on his face, even though he was in the shadows. He had this really strange appearance, like a cartoon that had come to life.
If he was wearing any clothing, it was some kind of jumpsuit, almost like a type of camouflage… I couldn’t see any discernible shirt or pants.

He was two feet tall....the top of his head was the height of one of our tree stump stools. I got the distinct impression that he was doing something which I interrupted, I caught him by surprise, startled him...and that wasn't cool, and something told me to leave there quickly, so I turned around...I didn't run, but I walked very fast, trying to stay calm and quiet. I didn’t even go back to the cabin. I got in my truck and drove home. I was so freaked out I stopped at the store right before I got home. I got one of those small bottles of whiskey, like a pint, and poured the whole thing into a glass of Coke and drank it.”

Jim asked me who I thought the little man was, and what he was doing.
Like I was supposed to know! I told him I sure as hell don’t know. I’ve been doing some research, and in addition to the standard gnomes and faeries lore, I found some native American stuff about ‘little people’ that is quite interesting. I’ve also read some stories about construction crews in some Scandanavian locales actually re-routing highways so as not to disturb the little people. That’s wild!

Like the majority of ghost stories
, I think most of the stories about ‘little people’ are the result of over-active imaginations, but I believe these little people do exist. Maybe they live underground, or only in densely wooded areas. I also think they totally avoid humans.