Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Woman sees Bigfoot family of four

Photos of the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas where many Bigfoot have been seen
“There is more to Heaven and Earth than meets the eye, Horatio.”
This quotation was taken to heart when I was young.  Perhaps because of it, tales of Little People, fairies, leprechauns, gnomes, ghostly encounters and Bigfoot always seemed entirely within the realm of possibilities.
That realm became more real when my husband and I visited our daughter after she moved to a rural farm near the Ouachita Mountains in the beautiful state of Arkansas.  Upon arrival, our first indication that we were in Arkansas Bigfoot Territory came while shopping at a one-stop convenience store where locals gathered for conversation, coffee and refreshments. 
Bigfoot association cards were posted on the store’s bulletin board and we quickly learned that Bigfoot encounters and sightings often were discussed there.   It was clear from what we overheard that the locals were keenly interested in the subject.  There didn’t seem to be a doubter among them.   We were told many of their sightings occurred around a nearby swimming, camping and recreational lake.
When we mentioned the frequency of these overheard Bigfoot conversations to our daughter, she was not at all surprised.  Then she told us of two Bigfoot encounters experienced by a good friend and neighbor of hers.
Her friend and her husband have a farm by a stream bordering an ascent to the Ouachita Mountains.  Early one evening her friend went outside to attend to her horses.  As she neared the stream, she came face to face with a male Bigfoot.
Entranced, rather than frightened, they gazed intently into one another’s eyes.  The woman said Bigfoot’s eyes seemed startled, somewhat sad and not at all menacing.  She telepathically received the message, “You were not supposed to see me.”  Gently and somewhat sorrowfully, Bigfoot turned away, crossed the stream and disappeared into the woods.
A week later at approximately the same time of day, she went to check on her horses’ grain which had been diminishing faster than normal.  When she looked toward the stream, she saw a Bigfoot family – mama, papa and two very young ones - carrying off some of the grain as well as fruit from her trees.   She noted that her horses weren’t at all spooked by four Bigfoot in their field.
When the family saw her approaching them, they began picking up pebbles and small stones and throwing them around her rather than at her.  They showed no fear or anger; they simply wanted her to stay away.  Telepathically she received the message, “Please do not come closer.”  Then unhurriedly they crossed the stream and blended into the woodlands as early evening darkness descended.
Our daughter’s friend then related her encounters to others who had had similar experiences.  Several mentioned missing fruit and grain from their farms.  They also told of occasional sightings of Bigfoot families in abandoned huts in wooded areas near water.  Occasionally remains of wild boar bones were found near the huts. They reported that the Bigfoot often walk in brooks and lake waters to fish but also to camouflage their tracks.
Everyone seemed to agree that they were seeing Bigfoot more often due to increased logging in and around the cave areas where the Bigfoot probably once dwelt.
Whenever any of the neighbors came across a Bigfoot, it always telepathically entreated, “Please, just let us be.”
After multiple trips to Arkansas Bigfoot Territory, I do firmly believe that these nonthreatening gentle creatures exist and deserve privacy and our respect.

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