Saturday, September 26, 2009

Orange Pendek Sighted in Indonesia

Explorer Adam Davies, via Loren Coleman and Cryptomundo, is reporting that his team has sighted the elusive orang pendek, an upright-walking ape-like creature (possibly a relative of the Asian Yeti and North American Sasquatch), in the jungles of Sumatra. "I heard a large animal moving towards us," Davies writes. "Subsequently the creature was then sighted by team member Dave Archer and Sahar Didmus, a forest ranger. Dave describes the OP [orang pendek] as looking almost chimpanzee-like." Tracks have been found as well as hair samples, which were taken for analysis. We'll keep you posted as more news comes in.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bright Cone of Light over Acadia National Park, Maine

9/19/09: I was participating with friends in a Nightsky Photography workshop at Acadia National Park. There were 15 adults: 12 participants, 2 park service employees to drive van and assist, plus Tyler Nordgren, PhD astronomer and artist, teaching the workshop. After an introduction and instructions, we all set up our cameras on the edge of Eagle Lake, most of us aiming southwest hoping to capture the Milky Way as the evening progressed. (The workshop was scheduled from 6:30-9:00pm ET.)At approximately 7:50pm ET, we all observed a bright object that appeared suddenly directly in front of us. It seemed to come down in the sky, burn brightly creating a cone of light shining towards the ground much like a streetlight and fog-like light around it. the "streetlight" did not make it the ground. After a few seconds, the object disappeared. The fog and "streetlight" slowly disappeared after about 45 seconds. It just seemed to fade from the cone shape to a smudge in the sky.At least 3 participants' cameras captured the event. Not knowing where else to share such an event, we are posting it here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Large handprint spooks North Carolina family

ENNICE, N.C. -- When Joye Edwards walked out of her Ennice, N.C. home and saw the giant, dirty handprint on the back of her vehicle, the first thing she felt was anger.
She’d just spent the prior evening washing and polishing the blue Jeep to a sparkling shine.
As she got closer to the vehicle though, her anger quickly turned to confusion, fascination and fright.
About 10 inches in length, the handprint seemed to dwarf the taillight of her car.
She knew that something had put the handprint there overnight because the vehicle had been spotless just hours before.
She had left her bedroom windows open that night and recalled hearing her dog barking wildly, but just assumed her Collie had spotted a cat, opossum, or some other unwelcome critter.
But now, she had an eerie feeling. “The first thing I thought was that it had to be a bear,” she said. “But it doesn’t look like any bear print my husband and I have ever seen.”
The print didn’t reveal any claw prints or marks, just a palm, fingers and thumb.
Another odd detail was that the print was left behind in what appeared to be creek sand, not dirt or mud.
Did someone try to pull a prank?
The Edwards family has a quarter-mile long driveway, which leads to their large, wooded farm, and lives about a mile from a main road. “If someone was trying to make a joke, then they sure went to a lot of trouble,” she said.
When she showed family members the mysterious print, they gawked and told her it was “Sasquatch.”
“They were serious,” she said.
“Sasquatch” is an alleged ape-like creature, inhabiting densely forested areas. Most U.S. reports come from the Pacific Northwest, though there are websites dedicated to Bigfoot sightings in Virginia and North Carolina, particularly in the Blue Ridge Mountains and along the Appalachian Trail.
Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, ape-like creature on two legs. By all accounts, many people believe in its existence and contend that the same or similar creatures are found around the world under different regional names.
The scientific community considers Bigfoot to be a combination of folklore, misidentification (usually a bear), and hoaxes, rather than an actual creature.
The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries doesn’t keep track of bear sightings in the area because they are so common, though the department does keep track of bear-related nuisance complaints. In 2007, there were two nuisance bear complaints in Grayson County, and in 2008 there were six, said Julia Dixon, a media relations coordinator for the department.
As for Bigfoot sightings, “We have never had officers investigating Bigfoot as part of their work for the department,” Dixon said in an email.
The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has not yet responded to the newspaper’s questions about bear or Bigfoot sightings in Alleghany County.
Edwards admits she isn’t sure what left that strange, giant handprint on her car. The family hasn’t seen or heard anything strange since the incident, “but I’m keeping my windows shut from now on,” she said. “Just in case.”

Possible Bigfoot at Mountian Island In Madison County

While camping out at Mountian Island at the French Broad River in Madison Co. I had an iteresting night. At the time I new nothing of bigfoot, I got intreaged about the subject after visiting a website an playing the recordings. What got my attention was the tree knocking. I have heard this on numerous occations while on that section of river and vagely wondered who was up on the side of the mountain banging on a tree. I thought maybe someone was setting up a deerstand or something. Anyway just after sunset I hear loud splashes in the river, thought it might be big beavers or something ,the splashes were huge! Later on something kept walking around my campsite never did see anything and wasnt to worried as Iwas heavly armed. This island is very remote and surrounded by whitewater on both sides. About 3am a ground shaking thud woke me up, I got out of the tent and looked around but it was pitch black out there. I got spooked then. I thought maybe a rock fell of the small cliff back where Iwas camped out. Just befor daylight I heard what sounded like a tree being twisted apart, I got out of the tent and emptied a thirty round clip in the air,never heard anything else or saw any body except for other boaters the rest of the weekend..


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Young boy startles Creature under house porch

YEAR: 1971 or 72
SEASON: Unknown
DATE: Unknown
STATE: North Carolina
COUNTY: Yadkin County
LOCATION DETAILS: Take I-77 to US 421 S. in HamptonvilleGet off at the Asbury Church Road Exit, turn right.Go straight through the intersection. (This is Asbury Church Road). Turn onto the first road on the left (not sure of the name of this road...maybe Flat Rock Church Road). Go to the end of this road, passing Flat Rock Baptist Church on the left. At the end of this road, take a right. I think that this road is called Hamptonville Road. Go about 2 to 3 tenths of a mile. On the right, there is a very small wooden house sitting down in the middle of what looks like a field. This is where the sighting occurred.

NEAREST TOWN: Hamptonville

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 21

OBSERVED: It was in 1971. Maybe 1972...roughly there about. I had just finished eating breakfast. My mother asked me to go and empty the leftovers for our dogs. I went to the side porch, which was about 4 feet off the ground, and saw a tuft of off-white fur sticking out from under the porch. Thinking it was our dog, Whitey, I tried to dump the breakfast scraps on him. I missed by a couple of feet. I then turned around to go back in when I heard a scuffling sound. Thinking it was our dog eating the scraps, I turned back around to see. But instead I saw a creature that was taller than me, and I was standing on the porch. It had to be at least 7 feet tall, covered in an off-white fur - except for an oval around the face. Unfortunately, I don't remember what its face looked like. Its arms hung almost down to its knees. I dropped the frying pan, and tried to scream. Nothing came out. The animal turned back to look at me as it was loping in slow motion around the side of the house.

ALSO NOTICED: It seemed to me that perhaps the animal was under the porch to take a nap in the cool shade that the porch provided.

OTHER WITNESSES: Unfortunately, just me.

OTHER STORIES: I heard a woman who lived in a mobile home near where my sighting occurred, had discovered a dent in one of the corners of her mobile home. They said it was halfway up the corner, and that whatever it was, it had to be fairly tall. They also said that they saw a few strands of hair stuck into the siding. When I asked them what color the hair was, they said it was white. Of course this story was shared with me after I had first told them my story, so I cannot vouch for the validity of the story.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was just after I finished breakfast. Maybe around 8 or 9 am. It was pretty bright...enough to cause shadows. I believe that it was in the fall, but I am not sure.

ENVIRONMENT: There is a lot of woods (mostly pine) around the back of the house. Or there was at least at the time of the sighting.

Resource: BFRO

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

McDowell man: "Bigfoot among us"

Tom Burnette is a man with a mission. He found his life's calling unlooked for almost 20 years ago in the woods near Old Fort. That's when he encountered Bigfoot.Many people over the years have seen what they believed to be sightings or physical evidence of Bigfoot. But Burnette is different in one respect. The creature he saw came back. And, as it turned out, there was more than one. Indeed, he now believes, there's a whole colony of them.Where, exactly? He's a bit guarded about exact locations, but said he sees the creatures "way up Curtis Creek, near the Parkway."What brings them back, again and again, to the woods Burnette haunts? He has several guesses.

For one, he believes a large community of them have lived in the area for a ling time. And because their home territory coincides with the woods he haunts, they have become familiar with him.In other words, he has made peace with them. Although he says he has not come face to face with the reclusive creatures, he has found what he believed to be gifts left for him; mushrooms, meat, and other items harvested from the woods."They know I'm not out to hurt them, that I'll protect them," he said. "They're used to me now." That familiarity has led to several opportunities to observe them, at a distance, for more than just a few seconds, he said.

So how is it that more people haven't seen them? Simply, he answered, because people tend to think of Bigfoot as a dumb beast, no smarter than a bear. In fact, the Bigfoot culture is well developed and they are highly intelligent creatures."They're more aware of you than you are of them," he said. "These are very alert creatures.

"After years of observation, Burnette believes the Bigfoot domesticates the wild animals of the forest the same way humans domesticated dogs, and for the same reasons."They use bear to hunt," he explained. "They hunt in groups." Earlier this spring, Burnette got what he believes is confirmation of this theory, when he came very close to a hunting party accidentally.

"I felt sure something was watching me," he said of one day's excursion into the woods. "I turned around and felt eyes on me." He didn't see anything out of the ordinary, he explained, but long years of romping the woods has taught him the limitations of the human eye in the dense foliage.

He raised his cell phone and took pictures of the woods in front of him. It was only after he had detail shots printed at maximum enlargement that he saw the evidence he had in hand.

One eerie picture shows what appears distinctly to be a humanoid face, with flat, wide mouth and heavy brows. The face's left are the shapes of what could be faces of bears or other beasts.

Burnette was chilled to think he had come so close to a hunting party, but said that, by this time, if the Bigfoot had wanted to hurt him they could have done so. The fact he has remained unharmed is evidence, he said, that the Bigfoot mainly hunts small game.

This latest close encounter is not the first. Several years ago, he continued, he found what he believed to be an infant Bigfoot left on his property. Why would a mother Bigfoot abandon her baby?

Burnette suspects that the baby may have been in danger from a male. He said in the primate kingdom, a male will sometimes kill an infant in order to get the female to go into heat. Holding the infant, he made what he now regards as a great mistake.

"I took it back into the woods," he said, "and left it, hoping she would come back for it." Sadly this did not happen. Days later, he found the skull of the young creature; whether it had been eaten by dogs or killed by an adult Bigfoot, he didn't dare speculate.

He explained that he realized this was the evidence the world had been waiting for. He photographed the skull, then sent it to Texas laboratory for DNA analysis. Today, he is upset about the lab's progress, and speculated he might have to go to court to get the thing back into his possession.

Meanwhile though, two pictures he shot of the skull are featured in the book he published a while back about his observations. Entitled "Natures Secret Agents," the book is a diary account of his experiences and observations over the years. Many sightings are detailed, along with the occasional exchange of gifts and, sometimes, terrifying harassment by less friendly members of the Bigfoot community.

Burnette has learned to keep his distance. He tries to get the best photographs he can, but does not ever wish to put them on the defensive. The size, strength and cunning of the creatures means no human would stand a chance. He feels safe so long as he maintains a healthy respect for the Bigfoots' privacy and space.

He said that several years ago an Indian chief told him the Bigfoot is the guardian of the forest and all the animals in it. After several years observation, he is inclined to agree.

"They don't want anything to do with us," he said, because they know the violent ways of Man. "I want to share what I have learned so that we can understand them, not fear them, and respect them and their home."