Monday, September 21, 2009

Possible Bigfoot at Mountian Island In Madison County

While camping out at Mountian Island at the French Broad River in Madison Co. I had an iteresting night. At the time I new nothing of bigfoot, I got intreaged about the subject after visiting a website an playing the recordings. What got my attention was the tree knocking. I have heard this on numerous occations while on that section of river and vagely wondered who was up on the side of the mountain banging on a tree. I thought maybe someone was setting up a deerstand or something. Anyway just after sunset I hear loud splashes in the river, thought it might be big beavers or something ,the splashes were huge! Later on something kept walking around my campsite never did see anything and wasnt to worried as Iwas heavly armed. This island is very remote and surrounded by whitewater on both sides. About 3am a ground shaking thud woke me up, I got out of the tent and looked around but it was pitch black out there. I got spooked then. I thought maybe a rock fell of the small cliff back where Iwas camped out. Just befor daylight I heard what sounded like a tree being twisted apart, I got out of the tent and emptied a thirty round clip in the air,never heard anything else or saw any body except for other boaters the rest of the weekend..


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