Saturday, September 26, 2009

Orange Pendek Sighted in Indonesia

Explorer Adam Davies, via Loren Coleman and Cryptomundo, is reporting that his team has sighted the elusive orang pendek, an upright-walking ape-like creature (possibly a relative of the Asian Yeti and North American Sasquatch), in the jungles of Sumatra. "I heard a large animal moving towards us," Davies writes. "Subsequently the creature was then sighted by team member Dave Archer and Sahar Didmus, a forest ranger. Dave describes the OP [orang pendek] as looking almost chimpanzee-like." Tracks have been found as well as hair samples, which were taken for analysis. We'll keep you posted as more news comes in.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bright Cone of Light over Acadia National Park, Maine

9/19/09: I was participating with friends in a Nightsky Photography workshop at Acadia National Park. There were 15 adults: 12 participants, 2 park service employees to drive van and assist, plus Tyler Nordgren, PhD astronomer and artist, teaching the workshop. After an introduction and instructions, we all set up our cameras on the edge of Eagle Lake, most of us aiming southwest hoping to capture the Milky Way as the evening progressed. (The workshop was scheduled from 6:30-9:00pm ET.)At approximately 7:50pm ET, we all observed a bright object that appeared suddenly directly in front of us. It seemed to come down in the sky, burn brightly creating a cone of light shining towards the ground much like a streetlight and fog-like light around it. the "streetlight" did not make it the ground. After a few seconds, the object disappeared. The fog and "streetlight" slowly disappeared after about 45 seconds. It just seemed to fade from the cone shape to a smudge in the sky.At least 3 participants' cameras captured the event. Not knowing where else to share such an event, we are posting it here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Large handprint spooks North Carolina family

ENNICE, N.C. -- When Joye Edwards walked out of her Ennice, N.C. home and saw the giant, dirty handprint on the back of her vehicle, the first thing she felt was anger.
She’d just spent the prior evening washing and polishing the blue Jeep to a sparkling shine.
As she got closer to the vehicle though, her anger quickly turned to confusion, fascination and fright.
About 10 inches in length, the handprint seemed to dwarf the taillight of her car.
She knew that something had put the handprint there overnight because the vehicle had been spotless just hours before.
She had left her bedroom windows open that night and recalled hearing her dog barking wildly, but just assumed her Collie had spotted a cat, opossum, or some other unwelcome critter.
But now, she had an eerie feeling. “The first thing I thought was that it had to be a bear,” she said. “But it doesn’t look like any bear print my husband and I have ever seen.”
The print didn’t reveal any claw prints or marks, just a palm, fingers and thumb.
Another odd detail was that the print was left behind in what appeared to be creek sand, not dirt or mud.
Did someone try to pull a prank?
The Edwards family has a quarter-mile long driveway, which leads to their large, wooded farm, and lives about a mile from a main road. “If someone was trying to make a joke, then they sure went to a lot of trouble,” she said.
When she showed family members the mysterious print, they gawked and told her it was “Sasquatch.”
“They were serious,” she said.
“Sasquatch” is an alleged ape-like creature, inhabiting densely forested areas. Most U.S. reports come from the Pacific Northwest, though there are websites dedicated to Bigfoot sightings in Virginia and North Carolina, particularly in the Blue Ridge Mountains and along the Appalachian Trail.
Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, ape-like creature on two legs. By all accounts, many people believe in its existence and contend that the same or similar creatures are found around the world under different regional names.
The scientific community considers Bigfoot to be a combination of folklore, misidentification (usually a bear), and hoaxes, rather than an actual creature.
The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries doesn’t keep track of bear sightings in the area because they are so common, though the department does keep track of bear-related nuisance complaints. In 2007, there were two nuisance bear complaints in Grayson County, and in 2008 there were six, said Julia Dixon, a media relations coordinator for the department.
As for Bigfoot sightings, “We have never had officers investigating Bigfoot as part of their work for the department,” Dixon said in an email.
The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has not yet responded to the newspaper’s questions about bear or Bigfoot sightings in Alleghany County.
Edwards admits she isn’t sure what left that strange, giant handprint on her car. The family hasn’t seen or heard anything strange since the incident, “but I’m keeping my windows shut from now on,” she said. “Just in case.”

Possible Bigfoot at Mountian Island In Madison County

While camping out at Mountian Island at the French Broad River in Madison Co. I had an iteresting night. At the time I new nothing of bigfoot, I got intreaged about the subject after visiting a website an playing the recordings. What got my attention was the tree knocking. I have heard this on numerous occations while on that section of river and vagely wondered who was up on the side of the mountain banging on a tree. I thought maybe someone was setting up a deerstand or something. Anyway just after sunset I hear loud splashes in the river, thought it might be big beavers or something ,the splashes were huge! Later on something kept walking around my campsite never did see anything and wasnt to worried as Iwas heavly armed. This island is very remote and surrounded by whitewater on both sides. About 3am a ground shaking thud woke me up, I got out of the tent and looked around but it was pitch black out there. I got spooked then. I thought maybe a rock fell of the small cliff back where Iwas camped out. Just befor daylight I heard what sounded like a tree being twisted apart, I got out of the tent and emptied a thirty round clip in the air,never heard anything else or saw any body except for other boaters the rest of the weekend..


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Young boy startles Creature under house porch

YEAR: 1971 or 72
SEASON: Unknown
DATE: Unknown
STATE: North Carolina
COUNTY: Yadkin County
LOCATION DETAILS: Take I-77 to US 421 S. in HamptonvilleGet off at the Asbury Church Road Exit, turn right.Go straight through the intersection. (This is Asbury Church Road). Turn onto the first road on the left (not sure of the name of this road...maybe Flat Rock Church Road). Go to the end of this road, passing Flat Rock Baptist Church on the left. At the end of this road, take a right. I think that this road is called Hamptonville Road. Go about 2 to 3 tenths of a mile. On the right, there is a very small wooden house sitting down in the middle of what looks like a field. This is where the sighting occurred.

NEAREST TOWN: Hamptonville

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 21

OBSERVED: It was in 1971. Maybe 1972...roughly there about. I had just finished eating breakfast. My mother asked me to go and empty the leftovers for our dogs. I went to the side porch, which was about 4 feet off the ground, and saw a tuft of off-white fur sticking out from under the porch. Thinking it was our dog, Whitey, I tried to dump the breakfast scraps on him. I missed by a couple of feet. I then turned around to go back in when I heard a scuffling sound. Thinking it was our dog eating the scraps, I turned back around to see. But instead I saw a creature that was taller than me, and I was standing on the porch. It had to be at least 7 feet tall, covered in an off-white fur - except for an oval around the face. Unfortunately, I don't remember what its face looked like. Its arms hung almost down to its knees. I dropped the frying pan, and tried to scream. Nothing came out. The animal turned back to look at me as it was loping in slow motion around the side of the house.

ALSO NOTICED: It seemed to me that perhaps the animal was under the porch to take a nap in the cool shade that the porch provided.

OTHER WITNESSES: Unfortunately, just me.

OTHER STORIES: I heard a woman who lived in a mobile home near where my sighting occurred, had discovered a dent in one of the corners of her mobile home. They said it was halfway up the corner, and that whatever it was, it had to be fairly tall. They also said that they saw a few strands of hair stuck into the siding. When I asked them what color the hair was, they said it was white. Of course this story was shared with me after I had first told them my story, so I cannot vouch for the validity of the story.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was just after I finished breakfast. Maybe around 8 or 9 am. It was pretty bright...enough to cause shadows. I believe that it was in the fall, but I am not sure.

ENVIRONMENT: There is a lot of woods (mostly pine) around the back of the house. Or there was at least at the time of the sighting.

Resource: BFRO

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

McDowell man: "Bigfoot among us"

Tom Burnette is a man with a mission. He found his life's calling unlooked for almost 20 years ago in the woods near Old Fort. That's when he encountered Bigfoot.Many people over the years have seen what they believed to be sightings or physical evidence of Bigfoot. But Burnette is different in one respect. The creature he saw came back. And, as it turned out, there was more than one. Indeed, he now believes, there's a whole colony of them.Where, exactly? He's a bit guarded about exact locations, but said he sees the creatures "way up Curtis Creek, near the Parkway."What brings them back, again and again, to the woods Burnette haunts? He has several guesses.

For one, he believes a large community of them have lived in the area for a ling time. And because their home territory coincides with the woods he haunts, they have become familiar with him.In other words, he has made peace with them. Although he says he has not come face to face with the reclusive creatures, he has found what he believed to be gifts left for him; mushrooms, meat, and other items harvested from the woods."They know I'm not out to hurt them, that I'll protect them," he said. "They're used to me now." That familiarity has led to several opportunities to observe them, at a distance, for more than just a few seconds, he said.

So how is it that more people haven't seen them? Simply, he answered, because people tend to think of Bigfoot as a dumb beast, no smarter than a bear. In fact, the Bigfoot culture is well developed and they are highly intelligent creatures."They're more aware of you than you are of them," he said. "These are very alert creatures.

"After years of observation, Burnette believes the Bigfoot domesticates the wild animals of the forest the same way humans domesticated dogs, and for the same reasons."They use bear to hunt," he explained. "They hunt in groups." Earlier this spring, Burnette got what he believes is confirmation of this theory, when he came very close to a hunting party accidentally.

"I felt sure something was watching me," he said of one day's excursion into the woods. "I turned around and felt eyes on me." He didn't see anything out of the ordinary, he explained, but long years of romping the woods has taught him the limitations of the human eye in the dense foliage.

He raised his cell phone and took pictures of the woods in front of him. It was only after he had detail shots printed at maximum enlargement that he saw the evidence he had in hand.

One eerie picture shows what appears distinctly to be a humanoid face, with flat, wide mouth and heavy brows. The face's left are the shapes of what could be faces of bears or other beasts.

Burnette was chilled to think he had come so close to a hunting party, but said that, by this time, if the Bigfoot had wanted to hurt him they could have done so. The fact he has remained unharmed is evidence, he said, that the Bigfoot mainly hunts small game.

This latest close encounter is not the first. Several years ago, he continued, he found what he believed to be an infant Bigfoot left on his property. Why would a mother Bigfoot abandon her baby?

Burnette suspects that the baby may have been in danger from a male. He said in the primate kingdom, a male will sometimes kill an infant in order to get the female to go into heat. Holding the infant, he made what he now regards as a great mistake.

"I took it back into the woods," he said, "and left it, hoping she would come back for it." Sadly this did not happen. Days later, he found the skull of the young creature; whether it had been eaten by dogs or killed by an adult Bigfoot, he didn't dare speculate.

He explained that he realized this was the evidence the world had been waiting for. He photographed the skull, then sent it to Texas laboratory for DNA analysis. Today, he is upset about the lab's progress, and speculated he might have to go to court to get the thing back into his possession.

Meanwhile though, two pictures he shot of the skull are featured in the book he published a while back about his observations. Entitled "Natures Secret Agents," the book is a diary account of his experiences and observations over the years. Many sightings are detailed, along with the occasional exchange of gifts and, sometimes, terrifying harassment by less friendly members of the Bigfoot community.

Burnette has learned to keep his distance. He tries to get the best photographs he can, but does not ever wish to put them on the defensive. The size, strength and cunning of the creatures means no human would stand a chance. He feels safe so long as he maintains a healthy respect for the Bigfoots' privacy and space.

He said that several years ago an Indian chief told him the Bigfoot is the guardian of the forest and all the animals in it. After several years observation, he is inclined to agree.

"They don't want anything to do with us," he said, because they know the violent ways of Man. "I want to share what I have learned so that we can understand them, not fear them, and respect them and their home."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Daytime Sightning on the Yadkin River

LOCATION DETAILS: 40 east ext 163 Cool spring exit. left on hwy 64 go under 40 and first rd on left. go roughly 1 mile or mile and 1/4 . pass over yadkin river immediate right under bridges that 40 runs over. Very near Davie/Iredell line

NEAREST TOWN: Statesville or Mocksville about equel distance.

NEAREST ROAD: Interstate 40

OBSERVED: The only thing about my sighting I’m not 100% sure of is the month. and distances and Heights but I feel I’m pretty close. On or around July or August of 1992 I was working at a Chinese Restaurant in town. I was supposed to be heading for work, but had made my mind up earlier that I was going to layout. So that I wouldn’t be caught by my Grandparents and or Father for being a slacker I needed a place to hide/something to do. Well not having any money I chose a place that A. gave me cover and B. gave me a place to kick around and explore. Near where we use to live (and still near today) near the Yadkin River they use to hold Tractor pulls, singings (John Anderson sang there once before he made it big) etc. It had gone out of business quite a few years back but there were still some dilapidated buildings still standing and some bleachers. I parked my car underneath the bridges that the interstate ran across and hopped over the DO NOT ENTER signed cable barrier. I followed the dirt path that led to the remains of what was once called ‘The River Run. The path ran parallel to the river, but turned away from it roughly two hundred yards from where I hopped the cable. I reached the Remains and kicked around, I looked in the old Bathrooms (basically a Pee stall) checked under the bleachers for change or dollar bills that may still be there, of course there wasn’t any. And little did I know before I got there that a crane they had recently (couple months) been using to dig out sand from the river (for what I do not know) was still there. I of course looked it over, crawled in the cab, looked for keys etc. Well, not only was I getting BORED quickly, it was getting hot. It was a hot summer and having been indoors WORKING, like a good boy the whole summer until then, I hadn’t realized how hot it got at around 11:00 am. So I decide that there had to be a better place to chill. I headed back down dirt path. The areas that the Buildings were located were Roughly one hundred and fifty yards away from the river. As I was heading back I noticed something that appeared to be sitting on the riverbank; I first assumed it was a dog. I whistled, yelled here Boy and all that and it didn’t respond. As I got closer I realized it wasn’t a dog and felt stupid, cause there were weeds and such growing at the bank and I just figured I was Whistling for WEEDS to come to me. As I got closer and closer it appeared to be a very Unkempt, long haired hippy of a man. But the Funny thing was I could only see the Bust of him (chest to top of head) so then I just assumed it was a Bum standing on a ledge in the river looking over the bank watching me. So I kept walking, actually strutting to let this Bum know if he tried to mess with me, he was going to get his ars whipped, but good. As I kept walking and not paying any attention to the Bum a strange sensation came over me (to this day I can’t explain it) I looked up and that’s when I realized it wasn’t a bum, it was something else, what, I do not know but it wasn’t human. At this point I was roughly 50 yards away, my mind was racing and my heart was beating, here I was almost face to face with a Big foot? So I did the only rational thing I could think of at the time, I ran towards. I know that, that doesn’t seem to be the brightest thing to have done BUT in my mind and with the MILLION things running through it the one thing that didn’t go through my mind was fear, NOT one ounce. Until…I was, at this point, roughly forty yards away and the closer I got, the doubts, if any that this THING was not human was completely gone. At about some thirty yards away I took my eye of it for just and I mean JUST a split second and it was gone and that is when fear struck me. I halted quickly. I dare say now I was 25 yards away from where IT was. I was petrified, I stood there for what seemed like hours, while I was standing there it was the first time that I really had the chance to reflect on what I just saw, and all I can remember thinking was. A. Why did it look like Chewbacca from Star Wars minus the black nose? B. Why did it have very light fur almost dirty strawberry blonde? C. Why no smell, don’t they always stink? D.Why did I wuss out and get scared? I finally Talked myself out of being a big wimp and decided that if it was what I think it was I need proof. I BABY stepped looking left and right as quickly as my neck could turn the whole time I was walking to the river bank. I reached the River bank and scanned the River and River bank like my life depended on it. I roughly stood there for 15 minutes looking at the Highest point to where IT could have been standing looking over the River bank at me. I looked for tracks but all I found was sand slid into the river, I looked for hair and nothing. I even sniffed around and couldn’t smell anything but what smelt like fish. I then jumped to the highest point to try a gauge how tall IT was. I’m 6’2 and have a reach of 7’6 and I had to bounce a little (not a hard jump) but bounce nonetheless for the tips of my fingers to be even with the River bank from the highest point IT could have possibly be standing. I know I had to bounce at least 6 inches(any more and I’m sure I would have slid into the water, so that puts the river bank height roughly 8 feet and I was seeing IT”S Bust so IT was (and it’s a guess) roughly 9’3 –9’5 or more . I finally climbed out of the riverbank, walked to my car peering and alert to anything jumping out, but nothing eventful happened. Got in my car drove home, no one ever asked me if I laid out of work cause no one EVEN NOTICED!!! Needless to say I never laid out of work again., well not without a good reason.

Resource: BFRO

Monday, August 17, 2009

Canoe Trip to the Unknown

When Steve W. set off on an adventure with just a canoe and a head full of summer dreams, he never expected that it would take him on the most fantastic journey of his life. Around the bend on that scenic river, the 50-year-old man discovered, was the dwelling place of creatures that he once regarded as belonging only to the world of storybooks and magic. But now, with his own eyes, he saw that they were real. This is Steve W.'s true story:

On June 24, 2003, I went canoeing in Western Kentucky on the Rough River. I had just wanted to get away for a little rest and relaxation, away from my normally hectic life. I put my canoe in at a nice little portage near the Falls of Rough, just downstream of the falls, which is not too far from Rough River State Park. The current was very fast because of all the recent rainfall. It was really just a typical canoe ride down a very pleasant and scenic river.
I had a very funny, queasy, nervous feeling though. I was inexplicably anxious for some reason. Although I could not define why, I felt like I had something to fear - and I sensed death. Taking these sensations seriously, I was extremely cautious on the river because I didn't want the death to be mine.
After several miles, I paddled the canoe to the riverbank and tied off to a tree. I got out to stretch and to explore the area. I climbed the bank and looked for a smooth, dry spot to pitch my tent. After deciding to camp near the water so I could keep a good eye on the canoe, I went on a little hike. I climbed up the hill and around the bend to a little creek that flowed back into Rough River.
Looking down eight or 10 feet into the creek, I spotted what looked like the top of a clay jar. I instantly recalled a dream in which I found some ancient pots. This recollection sent my imagination running wild with the thought that I might have found some old archaeological artifact.
I started down the bank toward the creek. The bank was extremely slippery with mud and down I went, sliding all the way. My backside and hands were caked with gooey mud, but I stopped just short of the water and very close to the old earthenware pot. It was more like a clay crock and I quickly realized that it probably wasn't very old and that the bottom was probably broken as well.
I poked at it and noticed there were little handprints on it. I figured a raccoon had already searched it, but upon looking more closely saw that these prints were not like a raccoon's; they were more like little human handprints, about an inch wide.
As soon as that thought entered my mind I dismissed it as preposterous. I started pulling on the jar, but it was stuck really well in the mud with suction holding it down like super glue. I figured, well I'm all dirty anyway; I'll just get a stick and pry this thing loose. After working on it for a while, it finally budged.
But when it did, I heard something.

I heard what sounded like little kids laughing. It was coming from down the creek several yards away... in the bank somewhere. When I at last managed to pull the crock jar out of the mud, something screamed! It sounded like a little girl - really high-pitched and loud! Man, I was scared. Who or what could it be?
Not knowing exactly what to do, I grabbed the jar and began to scramble up that muddy bank. Glancing back, I saw something move down near the creek. Now I was freaking out! I made it back up the bank and set the stoneware jug down. It was just a cylinder about 14 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter. It had a little rim about an inch down from the top. It was dark brown on the outside and light brown on the inside. It guessed it weighed about five pounds. And, yes, it did have little handprints on it - that wasn't my imagination.
I sat at the top of the bank for a moment looking at the jar, trying to reason away the handprints. It's no big deal, I finally decided, compared to that scream and those voices. Leaving the jar for the moment, I walked along the creek aways and stopped every once in a while to peek through the bushes and see if anybody was there. That's when I got the shock of my life!
When I looked over that bank I saw two little people standing about 10 inches tall. As incredible as that sounds, I'm not kidding! They had pale skin, little brown leather pants held up by suspenders, no shirts and little pointy hats made of what looked like leather. They had leather foot coverings that went up past the ankle. Their hair was a reddish color and their eyes blue. Their hands were only about an inch wide!
They knew I was watching, but they continued their task: they were pulling some kind of wooden stump down that muddy creek bank with long leather ropes or strings. These little men were surprisingly clean, I remember thinking, for the work they were doing. Then I heard a thump back where I first went in the creek. I looked back and there were three more of them - men just like the first two - and they had pushed that crock jar back down the bank. They were all laughing - high-pitched laughter, like a bunch of kids.
Then I heard a loud snap… and they were all gone. Their footprints were plainly visible in the mud, but they were gone along with the crock jar and the wooden stump. They had vanished in a split second.
My heart was racing and I struggled to catch my breath. I was feeling pretty insane! How am I going to tell anyone about this? Yet that's exactly what I decided to do. I walked almost two miles back to the old mill by the falls where I started. (The stream was too fast to try to paddle the canoe back upstream.) I had my cell phone with me, but it was just one of those emergency ones that I was going to use to call my girlfriend when I was ready to come home and she could come get me and the canoe.
At the falls, I spotted a man in a pickup truck, whom I assumed worked for the golf course they were building there. I told him I needed a witness to what I had just seen. I didn't expect him to believe me just from my story, but I thought perhaps I could get him to at least come look. He told me to quit smokin' that stuff. I practically pleaded with him to get someone else and we'd go down there together and I would show them. He flatly refused, saying I was crazy and that he wasn't going anywhere with me.
Nearby was a cable TV repair truck; the repairman told me get away from him, too. I suspected that the guy in the pickup called the repairman on a CB radio or cell phone and told him he thought I was crazy. Between what I had seen and the reactions of these two guys, I was starting to feel a bit paranoid. I started to think: they'll call the police and have me arrested, and I sure don't need that.
I gave up on those two and decided to walk back downstream to the ditch where it all happened. I just had to look again. When I got there - I cannot explain it - it wasn't the same. There were no footprints, no sign of the little people at all. Where I slid down the bank was as clean as a whistle - no skid marks. The mud looked completely undisturbed. I was and still am absolutely positive that was the exact spot where it all took place. But there was no sign of anything.
I loaded up my gear in the canoe and got the hell out of there. About 20 miles downstream, I camped out in a hay field. That night as I lay in my tent, all of the strangeness and impossibility went through my mind of the strangest camping trip I ever had. I just could not get those little people out of my mind. They knew I was watching them, but for a little while they didn't care… and then they vanished. In my mind I can still hear them... like little kids on a playground, laughing, screaming, playing.
Was it real? Am I crazy? They were real. When I told my girlfriend the whole story, she just laughed and told me of the time she had seen a little green man under the lilac bush at her grandmother's house when she was little. She had no problem with it. Well, it's a big deal to me because I have to live with knowing what I experienced. It was just too strange! Little people - indeed!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Missing Time and Out of Place

I was leaving my driveway to drive one mile to town. There were woods and few houses along the way. I had just pulled out and there was a thick fog rolling in. Very creepy at night. I had only gone a half a block at most very slowly when I saw a very bright light through the fog. This was very strange since there was nothing near my house.
As I drove closer, I saw a Phillips 66 gas station. It wasn't there the day before. I pulled into it in shock and a man came out. I asked him how a gas station could have been built so fast and he looked at me strangely. He said it had been there for eight years.
I asked him where I was and when he told me I began to shake uncontrollaby. I was 300 miles from home! I looked at the clock and I had left my driveway only two minutes before. It took all night to drive home and I shook most of the way.

Bt Cher

Slip Back in Time

It all started back in 1999 when I was 19, I had an experience that I can't explain that freaks me out to this day.
My girlfriend and I went up to Poughkeepsie, New York on a trip to visit her sick uncle, a man nick-named Floyd due to his profession as a barber (Mayberry reference) although he also was an avid biker. He had lupus and about a thousand other ailments, it seemed.
He lived on a large tract of land that included nature trails that seemed to go back for miles on up into the woods. One morning after breakfast, Cindi (my ex now) and I decided after breakfast to head out to a location that she remembered going to when she was a kid visiting. She called it the big Indian rock, which she said looked like a profile of an Indian chief.
So at around 10:30 or 11:00 or so, we headed up there. It was a long way up into the woods, but Cindi, after getting some directions, seemed really confident, having not been there in years. But after a while, I was almost sure she was lost, but she saw something that she recognized and headed off into that direction. It was this large white rock with a fort into the side of it like a kids' fort or something. Her exact words were, "Oh my god, I remember this place..." and then began to tell me how she and her friends, a bunch of boys who lived nearby, had built this one afternoon and was totally surprised to see it after all this time.
This was at least 10 years later and this poorly constructed fort was still there, which I thought fascinating too at the time. The fort consisted of a low lean-to almost like a box made of rotted plywood scraps. It sat to the side of the huge white rock and had a bundle of dirty camping gear inside of it, sleeping bags and other dirty junk and leaves, cobwebs, etc. Cindi went up to the entrance of the low-to-the-ground fort and looked in at it as I jumped up on the top of the white rock to have a seat.
I looked over to where Cindi was and she had disappeared from view. At first I thought she maybe crawled inside, but on more careful observation, this wasn't the case at all. I turned to see whether perhaps she had gone around the other side of the huge rock and when I turned I saw two little freckle-faced boys, one taller than the other and staring at me. One wore a ball cap on backward and the other in a dirty flannel jacket. They just stared at me eerily and then suddenly It just seemed like time slipped and suddenly I was walking up a wooded path towards a clearing, and there was Cindi telling me to hurry up and come on.
I stepped into the clearing and there was a side of a big rock with, yes a profile of a face or something, really quite unimpressive, but I suppose it had sentimental value with her. I was still in a daze but I just snapped to and met up with her.
My first question to her was who were those two boys and no doubt she responded, "What are you talking about? What boys?" I said "At the rock..." she just punched me in the arm and began to point out the face in the rocks and then told me how she was a tom-boy and used to ride BMX bikes back there and other such memory lane kinds of stuff.
After a few minutes we headed back to Floyd's place and we were greeted by Cindi's mother who had just arrived. I met her mother and she seemed nice and hung out at Floyd's and had a few beers with him, even though he complained that it didn't mix well with his medication.
So after a while, Cindi came in and we all got to talking and the fort came up and she asked about some kids she knew in the area and if they were still around or whatever happened to, yada, yada kind of thing. Floyd got real dark when Cindi mentioned the "Moriarty" kids and went into a morose story and got rather quiet.
He said to Cindi, "The two boys and their mother were killed by their father before he took his own life." (Having something to do with a divorce.)
When I heard this, my hair on the nape of my neck stood up as my spine tingled as I was not going to spend another night out there at Floyd's place. He went on to comfort her, telling her that they were in a better place, etc. I couldn't dare recount what happened to me at the fort. I just wanted to split out of there; this was too freaky.
I made up a story after calling my roommate back in Bayonne, telling them that I had to get back there and asked Cindi if she wanted to stay but she decided to come with me. While driving back, Cindi kept the two boys as a topic and said that they both had a crush on her. And once even fought over her, and man, that just made me drive faster. We made record time back to Jersey.
By Mr. torrence

Little People of Olympic Mountains

I realize that this story will not carry much weight as it is only third hand. I only come to know of it from a friend who is now deceased. Having read a few other similar accounts, however, I feel that this little story should be recorded for whatever it's worth.
My friend was raised in a small town called Clallam Bay, about as far northwest as you can get in the continental U.S., on the northwestern-most tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. His father was involved in work with the local Native American tribes there. Even today, this area is quite remote and only sparsely populated. There are still vast areas of the Olympic Mountains that rarely see humans. Mark, my friend, was an avid outdoorsman and loved camping and hiking. He grew up roaming the rain forests of the Olympics and was kind enough to take me on numerous camping trips.
I have always been intrigued by the legend of the Sasquatch and could not pass up asking Mark if he had ever had any encounters with one and what his thoughts were on the matter. He told me that he believed that they existed. He had never seen one, but he did recount one occasion when he was a short distance from his home, he heard long drawn-out sort of bellowing call that he could not attribute to any animal he knew of. He said that the sound was so loud that it seemed that the whole forest reverberated with it. It froze him in his tracks. He was familiar with the sounds of all of the known wildlife, including the elk, deer, cougars, etc. But this was something entirely different. He never did see what made the noise.
But, he said, Sasquatch may not be the only strange thing you might encounter in the Olympic forests. When I asked what he meant, he told me this story.
Mark said that his grandfather, a man with virtually no sense of humor, had told him of a strange experience he had had in the woods many years prior. Apparently, his grandfather was on an outing into the rain forest with his young wife and some other friends. The intent was to cut and gather wood for the fireplaces. A picnic lunch was planned as the work would take most of the day. While the women were setting out the food and before the actual wood cutting began, Mark's grandfather had wandered some little distance from the rest of the group when he encountered a group of little people darting around in the ferns. He guessed that there were at least five or six of them and that they were about 12 to 18 inches tall with rather dark skin. No sooner had he seen them though, than they were gone.
His grandfather was dumbfounded. He said that he didn't even tell the rest of the people, including his wife, what he had seen because he knew they would not believe him. He had wondered about it many times since, but there was never anything else to support what he was sure he had seen, so he just kept it to himself. He told Mark that that was the first time he had ever told anyone about it. Now, as I say, I am recounting this story third hand. It is only something that I have heard. But since neither Mark nor his grandfather are around any longer to tell the tale, I am passing it on for them. If nothing else, maybe it will reassure someone else that they are not crazy.
By Glenn

Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Search of the Elusive Summerwind: Investigating Wisconsin's Most Haunted House

Who: My husband and I
When: Summer of 2004
Where: Land O Lakes, WI (on the WI / MI border)
Why: To hopefully locate and visit the ruins of Summerwind.

The (Brief) Background Information

I have been interested in visiting Summerwind for years. Ever since I read a story of the events that occurred there in I believe it was Haunted Heartland. So, when I found out I'd be in the area of Summerwind I jumped at the chance to try to locate and investigate

Summerwind has quite the reputation for the haunted Wisconsin area, it's said to have made a family go insane, to have made a man fire a gun at a ghost (the bullet holes would remain in the door for years afterward, until it was eventually stolen from the home). It also was said to be built over a deed that the ghost of a man named Carver is said to still look for in the afterlife. How much of this is fact and how much is legend is about anyone's guess. There's been theories that Carver never even ventured to that area of Wisconsin. And others yet say there were searches carried out for this deed and nothing was turned up.

Summerwind sat abandoned for years. It's reputation most likely the reasoning for it. Back in the day, it was a sprawling mansion and home to the secretary to president Hoover. Years after standing abandoned someone bought it. They had plans to fix it up and make it into a business. Apparently the spirits had other intentions. In 1988 Summerwind was struck by lighting in a storm and it burned to the ground. All that is left is a couple staircases, a foundation and a couple chimneys for the most part... and the spirits.

Finding Summerwind

Summerwind was incredibly difficult to find. It hides down a dirt road in the country wooded area of Land O Lakes on what is now private property. You pretty much need to know exactly where it is to locate it and even then it doesn't look like anything at all from the road. We, however got really lucky and managed to have someone guide us to it. If it wasn't for her, we would have come back without having found it like so many before us have done.
We stopped to a few places in town (the town is pretty bare - not too many places around to even ask at). We really didn't get too terribly far. We did get a bit of info to get us in the area of it, and then we were referred to stop at a camp for more information there.

We did exactly as instructed watching as the woods grew thicker around us. We knew we were in for an ordeal to locate it from the get go, but I don't think either of us knew just how hard it really would be to find. Well, we stopped at the camp and got out of the car. It was a quaint camp
at the edge of the lake with a small bar and restaurant onsite. My husband, Clint immediately recognized the camp from before. He said he'd dreamed of it before, but he had never been there or even in that area before then. He proceeded to say he thought Summerwind was behind us and to the left; you know, he was right about that.

We went inside and asked where Summerwind was. We figured the folks in there must have heard of it being so close to it and all. Well the one bartender didn't know it by name but once we said it was the haunted place she knew exactly where it was. She told us how to get there, and said if we have any trouble some back there. Well, we set off where she told us to go - or at least how we thought she told us to go. We were lost before we started. We also were afraid of getting so lost we would not find our way back out again. The woods were fairly thick and getting thicker. So, we drove back to the bar and informed her we were totally lost as to how to find it. She offered to take us there if we'd be willing to wait for her shift to end. We agreed.

Getting to Summerwind

We got to Summerwind easily with her, but I'm telling you we kept track of every turn so we knew how to get back out. It was much harder than we even imagined it'd be to find, but we found it. Even she had to check to make sure it was the right place once she stopped.

Summerwind is fairly large. It's in ultimate ruins and there's really not much left, as you can see in the photos. Even still I had vibes while there. My husband, who had vibes where it was and had a case of déjà vu at the camp felt nothing at all at Summerwind itself. I, however felt nothing at the camp but perhaps some anxiety if we'd even locate the place or not, but I had vibes at Summerwind itself.

The hot spots - or at least according to my vibes were under the arches which led out to the back yard which was a ledge that overlooked a river, and the staircase to the second floor. Not so coincidentally, I got some odd photos in each of those places. (I concentrate and take photos
where any odd vibes are felt).We weren't at Summerwind long. Maybe fifteen or twenty minutes or so. I came back with a camera full of 40 photos and so I thought nothing at all supernatural on any of them. Boy was I wrong.

Looking at the Photos

We went back to the cabin we were staying at and looked over the photos. We both looked over each one on the tiny LCD screen my camera was equipped with and found nothing. It was a bit disappointing what with all the vibes we got, but it's a chance you take when you investigate a place. More times than not you get ordinary photos. It's just the way it is.

We late loaded them into our PC and then looked at them again larger. A friend noted the ball of light under the arch which we originally thought was a sun spot - until we realized that was much brighter than all of the other sunspots on the ruins. Not to mention a sunspot can't reach under a dark arch and usually isn't glowing like this light was. Then, my mom noticed a man staring back at her from one of the photos. He jumped right out at her. It took me a long time to see him but when I did a shiver ran the length of my spine. To see those eyes looking back at me.. it was a feeling I won't soon forget. The detail in the man is astounding. You can see the difference between the color of his skin and his shirt. You can nearly make out facial features and a vague hairstyle. Who he is, we may never know. I did try to locate photos of the previous residents of Summerwind. The best I was able to come up with was a photo of Robert Lamont in his older years. Even still the man did not match the face I saw in Lamont. After that we located the critter we originally thought to be a fox-like creature sitting by the fireplace of the left chimney. He's a bit difficult to see but if you look you can see 'em in there. (It's easier to see it from further away).

The Discovery Channel's A Haunting

A year or so after we visited Summerwind the Discovery Channel aired an episode of A Haunting that featured Summerwind. We learned a lot of information we didn't know about the house and it's history in this episode. Some very interesting information at that.

In this episode we learned that Summerwind has, or it at least had a tendency and ability to call out to people. To make them come to it and feel for it. It's possible my husband's vibes and his dreams could have been a form of this. Or perhaps it's something totally unrelated. We may never know for sure. We also learned that the father whilst in his insanity killed a pet raccoon the family had. We looked back over the photo of that critter. I sure could pass for a raccoon as well. Once again we may never know.

Speaking To Chad Lewis

Chad Lewis is one half of the team responsible for the Haunted Road Guide series of books. We've had a few chances to meet him and Terry and see him speak. He never disappoints with his appearances and each and everyone you take a little information back with you. It was at one of these lectures that we learned that others he has interviewed have had similar experiences of the house calling to them, and knowing where it is, but they'd never been there before.

For those, like myself who are wondering, no, he did not experience anything out of the ordinary at Summerwind. What we do know is that at least for us. Summerwind lived up to it's reputation as Wisconsin's most haunted house. I'd love to return there, but it's private property and, well we can't trespass on it now.
Report from: Jennifer N

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mystery Animal Roaming Iredell County NC?

A love of outdoor activities has led Dennis and Joan Carter across the country. They’ve seen animals of every stripe and size.
On Monday afternoon, while returning from a weekend camping jaunt at Kerr Scott Reservoir in Wilkes County, the couple was startled to the point of awe when a huge cat crossed in front their vehicle on N.C. Highway 115 in northern Iredell County.
“It was a cat, I’m sure of that,” Dennis said. “It didn’t look anything like a dog or coyote. It walked and moved like a cat, not like a dog.”
The couple said they spotted the animal on Wilkesboro Highway near Taylor Springs Road and Rupard Road. Dennis described it as being light gray in color and about 6 feet long, including “a long curled tail.”
The animal was traveling west direction with a “loping” gait until it reached the street.
“And then it took off,” Dennis said, “and jumped down into the creek.”
The question is: What did the Carters see?
Dennis swears it was a cougar or a big cat very similar to it.
But Tanya Cline, manager of the wildlife habitats at Grandfather Mountain, said such a thing “is extremely unlikely.”
As far as she knows, the only two cougars in western North Carolina — Nikata, a female, and Aspen, a male — are under her care at the habitat.
“They have been extirpated from this area,” she said, using a term synonymous with “local extinction” and meaning “no longer indigenous.”
In other words, cougars used to live in North Carolina but have moved on.
Also, Cline said, cougars (which, she said, are also known as mountain lions, panthers, pumas and upward of 100 other names) are brown or tan in color, not gray.
The Carters, who live just outside Statesville’s city limits, are firm about the color of the animal they saw.
So Cline is stumped. She said she has heard rumors of gray-colored cougars but knows of none that has ever been captured.
“One possibility,” she said, “is that this was an exotic pet someone had that the owners let go or that got away.”
Cline is not denying that the Carters saw a big cat and says there have been other sightings of cougars around the state.
“A lot of people claim to have seen them,” she said. “But the State of North Carolina says they’re not here.”
Greg Jenkins of Wildlife in North Carolina magazine agrees that if the Carters did see a cougar it is almost certainly one that had been in captivity.
“There are people in the state who have them,” he said. “And they do get away.”
Jenkins re-emphasized that the state’s official word on the matter is that there are no naturally wild cougars in the state.
“But they’re sexy,” Jenkins added. “And people want to see them. But they can also kill people.”Whatever the Carters saw, they are concerned the animal may do damage to livestock.
Dennis said he contacted the Iredell County Animal Services & Control Department, which directed him to the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.
“It has to eat,” Carter said. “And it’s big enough to be really dangerous.”

Source: Jim McNally, Statesville R&L, May 6, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Little People of Cherokee

It is not easy to see the Little People in broad daylight. They often hide from mortal eyes by appearing in the sun's brightness, but the Little People can see through the brightness. They cannot be seen at night unless there is a bright moon. Their light has been seen in the forest at night, however, close to the ground, moving through the trees, just off the trails. One can only catch up with their lights if the Little People want them to They are most often seen at dusk and dawn. They like to be with the animals when they feed, gathering the plants with the deer, fishing with the bears, picking up their firewood with the beaver, or visiting the native people, escorted by the fox. They have co-existed with the Cherokee people for countless centuries and look like full bloods, dark skinned, black eyes, and with straight black hair that reaches to the ground. They are handsome and strong and no more than three feet tall. They have always dressed as the native Cherokee people dress at any given time of their history ,They speak in an ancient Cherokee dialect. Some of the elders today can understand this strange dialect and know what they are saying. Some say it is Elati, a Cherokee language now extinct. They have their own communities or clans throughout the mountains. Like the Cherokees, each community has its own jokers, and serious people, leaders and followers, trouble makers and thinkers, dreamers, doctors, hunters and gatherers with the exception of the Dogwood Clan.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bigfoot of Orange County NC

Hi Yeti About latest bf acitivity I was saying something about the other day. It started sometime around last fall. Some times I would be outside at night feeding my goats or something & have my mind on doing something & not paying much attension. sevreil times I thought I heard a strange noise comming from the woods. I would stop & listen & not here it again but I wasnt sure. But on Oct 6th at 6:45 pm I was on my way home from work. Just before you get to my house there is two fields seperated by a smtll patch of woods. Just brfore I got to the small patch of woods I looked to my left & in the corner of the field from the wast up I saw the perfect bigfoot. It was gray it had a conical shaped head. I saw chest sholders & arms. There is a fence out there & the post had turned gray & I thought mabey it was the angle I was looking at the corner post. But no it was to perfect. I drove by & looked at the post & none of them from any angle looked like bigfoot. It hasnt been a single day since when I go by that I dont look. But its gone. It didnt last but a second or two but it imprented on my mind like a photograph. I think the reason I only noticed it from the wast up is because of the short time I saw it & it was big. Later in Oct I came home late & went out to feed my goats & thought I heard something. This time I stoped & listened & heard it several more times. You might it a scream or a whistle but that time I heard it for sure. Later in Nov it was after dark & I heard a noise comming from the woods. It sounded { frog like} Sort of a croking noise. I have heard Tocans in Panama make a sound like that & thats the first thing I thought about when I heard it. Every few days or so I go to your web site & BFRO site to see if there are any new reports from NC. It was around the first of Oct last year that somebody onWalnut Grove chirch Rd made a report to BFRO. Go to there site & go to Orange co. In June of this year it was the 22ed or 23rd I was at home & I was working in the garden & around the house & I kept geeting a whiff of something that smelled like a combnition of rotting garbge & a pig farm. I had let my goats out to graze & one was down close to the woods. She has a bell around her heck. I heard that bell comming my way. I looked up & she was doing a 100yd dash up to the house. She turned around & looked back towards the woods with her ears up for almost 5 min. There is also a man I know about 8 mi from me who swears he saw one about 8 years ago. He said it was dark brown to black walking slightly stooped. He watched it for a good ways. At first he thought it was a man. I saw him the other day & was asking about it. He still swears it was bigfoot.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Kingdom of the Whispering Wind

Check out ths report..This happened in Henderson County NC in the mid 80's..This is an old story that occurred before I was born. It's a story my uncle told me for many years and I felt I should share it.It was in the late Fall/early Winter of either 1984 or 1985. My uncle had been hunting and it was getting late, but he had his flashlight and his gun. He was on his way home calling the dogs as he went when he noticed the complete quietness that was usually broken by many of the woods various animals. At the moment all he heard was the noise from his beagles. He came upon a huge, completely open clearing in the woods where there were suddenly sounds coming from all around like whispers and it was if the wind was blowing but the trees remained still.A similiar thing happened to my dad when he was out one night with friends. They came to the same spot my uncle came across from the above report and started to drive the car through. The car stopped, the lights went dead(no lights worked at all) and then the sounds came. After finally getting the car started they turned around and drove back down the trail. When they reached the end of the trail there was a tree about 12" in diameter laying across the road and they could still hear the strange sounds coming from every direction.Various hunters have had the same experience and some refer to it as "The Kingdom of the Whispering Wind". Many believe there is an old burial ground on the edge of that field.Years ago, we had an old cow who would do anything to avoid those woods and that particular open spot in the field..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Knobby- The Bigfoot of Cleveland County

The above pic of Capenters Knob Dr and Carpenters Knob mountain (straight ahead) that I took during my visit there.. This road is one area where knobby was seen by locals. The locals also believed Knobby resided on Carpenters Knob mountain.

Here is an interesting article from the late 70's about Knobby..

Article: Knobby: Where is He? What is He?By Jennie PalmerGastonia Gazette
TOLUCA - From the back roads that wind through the Smokey Mountain foothills and from the cities that lie below, the masses are converging on this usually quiet Cleveland County community that it's fair week. And they're all searching for "Knobby", the mysterious ape- like creature folks around here have reported seeing for almost a month now. Stop at any one of the country stores and many of the homes that dot the hillsides and you'll hear the latest "Knobby" tale. If your face is strange, no one will ask why you've come. Instead, they"ll offer to direct you to Minnie Cook's house or Sally White's for a first-hand account of the sightings.

Minnie, an 88-year-old woman who became the first to let her story be known, is so terrified of what may be lurking outside her front door that she won't talk to a visitor unless she's been forewarned of his arrival by her son, Elbert, or daughter-in-law, Ruby. Each time Minnie goes outside the house, Ruby said, she carries a rifle. "People aren't just saying they saw it," Ruby said Thursday afternoon as she sat inside the store she runs with her husband. "They have seen it." The Cooks' store lies in the afternoon shadow of Carpenter's Knob, the foothills hill point just west of Toluca and the landmark from which the creature draws its name. The store and nearby Mountain View Grocery are where area folks gather to swap their "Knobby" stories and where outsiders stop to track down leads to its whereabouts. "Everybody that comes in here talks about it," Ruby said. "A lot of them are scared to death. Me? Well, I'll just tell you I'm not about to go out looking for it." But others are.

Throughout the day Thursday a Shelby radio station crew broadcast live from a campground near the base of the knob. The crew, a smattering of newsmen and a host of curious searchers spent the night hopping from spot to spot in hopes of sighting the creature that's causing the stir. Robert Shoup and Butch Craig cut their high school classes to sit all day by a campfire near the top of the knob. "We're just waiting and looking for it," Butch said. And Russell Cook took a day off work to go "Knobby" hunting with Rondal Huffman. "We've been all over these woods looking for signs of it but we haven't seen a thing," Rondal said. Their last trek of the day was through a deep gully that runs behind Sally White's house, the site of one of the most recent "Knobby" reports. Mrs. White claims to have seen the animal three times, the last on Tuesday about 8:30 p.m. "I heard the dog barking and I looked out," she said. "he was barking and jumping up. When he did that I knew there was something outside that was more than another dog." "I looked down the path and I saw it - something long and black coming up through the woods. Its the same thing I've seen twice before, once before Christmas and once right after." That's the best description, Mrs. white says, she can give of "knobby." But others who claim to have seen it wandering along the roadsides, snatching food from a trash dump and making his way through the woods say "Knobby" is about six feet tall, weighs about 200 pounds, has a small head, flat face and dark, hairy body. Speculation about the creature's identity ranges from wandering mountain panther to escaped carnival baboon to misplaced bear to Big Foot, the supposed missing link between man and ape.

A state park developer drove from eastern North Carolina to Toluca to check the Big Foot possibility. Two other researchers, working on a project for a Massachusetts university, spent at least one night on Carpenter's Knob checking out their own theories about "Knobby." Area residents say they do not know whether the men have left the area. At least 16 "Knobby" sightings have been reported since late December in the vicinity of Carpenter's Knob. Earlier this week Forest Price of Casar, a community located about 10 miles west of Toluca, reported finding his goat dead of a broken neck and speculated that "Knobby" may have been the killer. His brother said he saw the creature roaming the woods near their homes. An animal den and tracks were found about two miles from the Price houses. Searchers said the tracks were at least as large as a man's hand and similarly shaped with a thumb-like protrusion. But most people, both hunters and wildlife protectors, are turning up no trace of the mysterious creature as they comb spots where sightings have been reported. "Most of this talk is just plain old hearsay," said Clyde Price, whose relatives own a large tract of land near the top of Carpenter's Knob. "When something like this gets started it gets bigger and bigger."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Un-Explained Siting

This has been several years ago some time around 1996 or 1997, I can’t remember the year not. It was in September and very warm. A friend of mine and I decided we would take our mountain bikes for a ride down through what is called the basin in Poplar, North Carolina which is in Mitchell Co. This is about a 7 mile trip from the top of the mountain down and back out. We left my truck at the bottom and hauled the bikes up in my friends truck. After we made it down off the steep part of the mountain trail, the old road had some steep parts and we were pushing our bikes. We came around a bend in the road where there was a small hollow with some type of bushes that has little red berry’s. We heard a noise and looked, probably 35 yards away, I saw the back of something tall jump through the bushes. It looked maybe 8 or 10 feet tall.. All I saw was it’s back. It has long shaggy brown hair. I couldn’t see it’s head as it appeared in a leaping position going away from us. All I saw was the back of something large and hairy. I asked my friend what was that, he said I don’t know.. we knew it wasn’t a bear or a deer. The bear around here are back bear and they don’t have long hair, and neither do the white tail deer we have around here. What was so strange was we went over to the thicket to investigate. We stood silent for a minute or so and it got so quite. This is a very wooded place with leaves on the ground. We thought we could hear something run off. There was nothing. Just quite. We couldn’t find any track. None of the leaves on the other side of the thicket were disturbed as would have been natural if something had run up through the woods. The total quiet in the woods was kinda eerie, not even a bird sound. We are both experienced hunters and neither of us had ever seen anything like that.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beast of Seven Chutes

The photos at the bottom is of an unidentified species. It is standing beside a waterfall (on bottom left of the 1st photo) near Quebec Canada. The park is named 'Parc des Sept Chutes'. Amazingly, the creature appears to be holding something and is staring at the photographer, who doesn't notice it. This creature does not match the descriptions of the legendary Bigfoot. Bigfoot is usually described a being a massive creature that resembles a human. Bigfoot is also usually described as having a conical head and a human looking flat face. And bigfoot is not usually described as being aggressive.

As described in the bullet points above the creature in the photo has the several unique physical attributes that differenciate it from typical bigfoot sightings. The creature is erect, standing on two legs and appears to be between 5-6 feet tall. It has an elongated snout that appears doglike as well as silver hair on its head reaching to it's shoulders. The creatures body is black and it's left arm is visible, bent at the elbow and, quite remarkably, the creature is holding a white dog. Based on the red area that looks like blood on the creatures head, it may have been eating the dog. The creature has a triangular shaped head and unlike bigfoot creatures who retreat when seen, this creature is holding his ground and staring aggressivley directly at the photographer.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Felid Creature (outside of marshall nc)

Hello Danny, I must've missed the response to the post I made about the creature I saw on Old Marshall Hwy. The creature I saw was walking on two legs as it came down the bank to the road and walked on two legs as it crossed the road. It looked rather clumsy as it made it's way down the bank to the road and then paused for a few seconds in front of my truck, as it lept over the edge of the bank heading toward the river it began moving on four "legs"; although I would say limbs as they looked more like arms. As the creature made this transition from moving on two legs to four limbs it lost the clumsy apearance and looked rather graceful, almost like the movement of a large cat. When the creature moved on two legs it had a strange wadling gait similar to that of an oragutan. The creature had very slender limbs that looked too long for it's own body. The torso and abdomen of the creature looked very slim also. This mysterious creature appeared to weigh between 65 to 85 pounds and stood approximately four to four and a half feet tall. The creature was covered in reddish-brown hair that appeared course and wiry. The eyes of the creature were the most extraordinary part about it, they were very large compared to the rest of the creature's body. The eyes looked to be around three and a half to four inches in diameter and had a strange yellow glow to them, much like a cat's eyes reflecting car headlights. The face of the creature was hairless with a wide forehead growing even larger around the eye sockets. The creatures nose was flat and shaped like of a cat's. The creatues mouth appeared to be rather small with thin lips and a small chin. This features gave it a facial look of an over sized house cat, with the exception of no hair or fur. The appearance of the creature, other than these strange over-sized glowing eyes, was not frightening. It's body movements appeared to show confussion then fear. I say that it appeared to be confused because when it paused in front of my truck it tilted it's head sideways like a perplexed dog would! Then the speed at which it clamored over the edge of the bank toward the river makes me believe that it was perhaps more scared of us than we were of it! The creature had a small tail that was about three feet long curled up behind it's body. By the way the tail curled behind it I would believe it to be prehensile like that of a monkey!

I wish that I hadn't missed the post by the woman who said that her son, a friend and her and her husband saw a similar creature around Weaverville. Is it possible that what I saw was a adolesent of whatever undiscovered species this might be and what they saw was an adult? We may never know. In retrospect I wish that I would have stayed around when I saw this strange creature, perhaps get a better look at it and maybe collect some evidence; fur, droppings, footprints, etc... Although four buddies who are freaking-out because of this creature yelling "Oh my God, what is that? Get outta here!" tends to make the heart beat just that little bit faster and raise the "fear factor" of such an encounter even higher.
I hope this answered any questions you may have had about my encounter with this cryptozoological creature; I wish that I could give me more details, but this is all that I know. Please feel free to email me again with any other questions that you may have regarding anything paranormal; if I can't give you a decent and respectable answer I will try my best to find someone who can!
Good luck on your research of cryptozoology,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Old Fort NC- Bigfoot

I live in Old Fort, North Carolina. It is an extremely small town with a population of about 800. About a year ago I bought a new house. It's in the woods well away from town ( not that 800 people is much of a town )!!!!!!!! Right after I moved in I started hearing strange sounds at night. There is "gibberish" that I can't really understand. It kind of sounds like talking but I can never make out any words. I have heard some screams that are so blood crudling that I've actually went into the woods with a flashlight to see if a woman was hurt. My children often play outside until 9 or 9:30 pm ( if it's not a school night!! ) and they have repeatedly seen something that they call " The Brown Man ". They say he is bigger than a man and he is brown in color and all he does is stand at the edge of my front yard in the treeline and watches them play. They are not afraid because he has never ventured into the yard and if they try to approach him he runs away. Even though I have heard the strange sounds I'd never seen anything until last September. It was about 11 pm and I had to go to the pumphouse to get my toolbox. The pumphouse is not actually in my yard it is behind the treeline at the back of my house. The kids were playing a cd really loud and they were dancing around the house ( three kids can make alot of noise !!!!). I stepped out the front door and walked around the corner of the house and there he was. BF was standing not 5 feet from my sliding glass door. He was standing in the shadows looking in the door like he was totally fascinated with what my children were doing. I was so shocked that I just stopped and stared. He saw me at the same time I saw him. He was about 15 feet from me. There was such a shocked expression on his face that I now think it's funny but then I was kinda shook up. He turned and ran into the woods. I've got no real idea how tall he was. My brother is 6 foot 4 inches tall and BF was alot taller than that. I would guess at least 7 feet. He is brown in color ( 'bout like a Hershey bar.) I have searched the woods repeatedly and I've never found a footprint but that's not surprising considering the ground cover, leaves, rocks, etc. I've never been "into" BF until that night but I now own a night vision device and I sometimes sit in the backyard after the kids are asleep and just try to see him again. I have seen him at a distance. I just hope to get a photo one day.