Friday, February 13, 2009

Felid Creature (outside of marshall nc)

Hello Danny, I must've missed the response to the post I made about the creature I saw on Old Marshall Hwy. The creature I saw was walking on two legs as it came down the bank to the road and walked on two legs as it crossed the road. It looked rather clumsy as it made it's way down the bank to the road and then paused for a few seconds in front of my truck, as it lept over the edge of the bank heading toward the river it began moving on four "legs"; although I would say limbs as they looked more like arms. As the creature made this transition from moving on two legs to four limbs it lost the clumsy apearance and looked rather graceful, almost like the movement of a large cat. When the creature moved on two legs it had a strange wadling gait similar to that of an oragutan. The creature had very slender limbs that looked too long for it's own body. The torso and abdomen of the creature looked very slim also. This mysterious creature appeared to weigh between 65 to 85 pounds and stood approximately four to four and a half feet tall. The creature was covered in reddish-brown hair that appeared course and wiry. The eyes of the creature were the most extraordinary part about it, they were very large compared to the rest of the creature's body. The eyes looked to be around three and a half to four inches in diameter and had a strange yellow glow to them, much like a cat's eyes reflecting car headlights. The face of the creature was hairless with a wide forehead growing even larger around the eye sockets. The creatures nose was flat and shaped like of a cat's. The creatues mouth appeared to be rather small with thin lips and a small chin. This features gave it a facial look of an over sized house cat, with the exception of no hair or fur. The appearance of the creature, other than these strange over-sized glowing eyes, was not frightening. It's body movements appeared to show confussion then fear. I say that it appeared to be confused because when it paused in front of my truck it tilted it's head sideways like a perplexed dog would! Then the speed at which it clamored over the edge of the bank toward the river makes me believe that it was perhaps more scared of us than we were of it! The creature had a small tail that was about three feet long curled up behind it's body. By the way the tail curled behind it I would believe it to be prehensile like that of a monkey!

I wish that I hadn't missed the post by the woman who said that her son, a friend and her and her husband saw a similar creature around Weaverville. Is it possible that what I saw was a adolesent of whatever undiscovered species this might be and what they saw was an adult? We may never know. In retrospect I wish that I would have stayed around when I saw this strange creature, perhaps get a better look at it and maybe collect some evidence; fur, droppings, footprints, etc... Although four buddies who are freaking-out because of this creature yelling "Oh my God, what is that? Get outta here!" tends to make the heart beat just that little bit faster and raise the "fear factor" of such an encounter even higher.
I hope this answered any questions you may have had about my encounter with this cryptozoological creature; I wish that I could give me more details, but this is all that I know. Please feel free to email me again with any other questions that you may have regarding anything paranormal; if I can't give you a decent and respectable answer I will try my best to find someone who can!
Good luck on your research of cryptozoology,

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