Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beast of Seven Chutes

The photos at the bottom is of an unidentified species. It is standing beside a waterfall (on bottom left of the 1st photo) near Quebec Canada. The park is named 'Parc des Sept Chutes'. Amazingly, the creature appears to be holding something and is staring at the photographer, who doesn't notice it. This creature does not match the descriptions of the legendary Bigfoot. Bigfoot is usually described a being a massive creature that resembles a human. Bigfoot is also usually described as having a conical head and a human looking flat face. And bigfoot is not usually described as being aggressive.

As described in the bullet points above the creature in the photo has the several unique physical attributes that differenciate it from typical bigfoot sightings. The creature is erect, standing on two legs and appears to be between 5-6 feet tall. It has an elongated snout that appears doglike as well as silver hair on its head reaching to it's shoulders. The creatures body is black and it's left arm is visible, bent at the elbow and, quite remarkably, the creature is holding a white dog. Based on the red area that looks like blood on the creatures head, it may have been eating the dog. The creature has a triangular shaped head and unlike bigfoot creatures who retreat when seen, this creature is holding his ground and staring aggressivley directly at the photographer.

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